Culture: Egyptian
Date: 664 – 30 B.C. (Late Period)
Medium: Wood
Condition: Intact, preserving traces of its original gesso.
Provenance: Ex- Private European collection 1980s; European art market..
Dimensions: H 6 3/4 in. (17.2 cm.)
Ref No.  EGW131
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Funerary masks were religiously crucial in ancient Egyptian culture. It was believed that once an individual died, the person’s soul would leave the body and fly to the afterlife. A funerary mask was utilized to convey the features of the person from when he/she was living. In capturing these features, the masks provided the people that they respectively represented with faces in the afterlife. This allowed the soul to recognize its body and re-orient itself within it, allowing the body to live on in death.

This burial mask is finely detailed. The elevated cheekbones and jovial expression of the mouth characterize a happy figure. Once inlaid eyebrows rest above wide eyes. Traces of original gesso and paint are present.